Public transportation in Chicago

Chicago being the third largest city of USA and two major international airports to cater to has a very well managed public transportation. Among some of their popular public transportation modes are bus, rail, water taxi and Chicago taxi service that helps city commuters to travel from one place to another. Let us look into some of this public transportation in Chicago.

Bus service Chicago to Chicago

Generally there are two types of bus service, one is suburban and the other is inter-city. The suburban bus service provides commuting facilities within the city as well as into the suburbs. Some of the routes that these buses follow will allow you to travel from the suburbs in to the city. If you are looking for a public transport that will take you around the city as well as into the city of Chicago from its suburbs, then this bus service is a good option for you.
The inter-city bus service is to travel to different cities within the state of Illinois. Here are some of the inter-city bus service providers.  stretch limousine going to Chicago

Taxi service from Chicago Chicago

Chicago taxi service is again one of the best public transports available in the city. You will be able to hire a running cab in the intersections, book them online or call for a taxi. Here are some of the cab rules that you might want to know if you are a regular commuter in this city.

Metra train service to Chicago

Metra provides a train service to and from the suburbs and downtown. During the rush hours Metra provides frequent train services.
Water Taxi
Water taxi provides commuting services along the Chicago River. They offer stops at various points like Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier, Clark Street, Chinatown and others making Chicago taxi service and Limousine service one of the best.